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The mirror of the self test was initially developed by Christopher Alexander in his master works "The Nature of Order", and it is to test the existence of objective beauty in nature and in what we make such as buildings, paintings, designs, and any artifacts. Following the recent work by Bin Jiang and Daniel Sui on "A New Kind of Beauty Out of Scaling of Geographic Space" (The Professional Geographer, 2013), we kindly invite you to participate this mirror of yourself test. The test is purely for scientific purposes, and we thank you in advance for your volunteered participation!


After filling out some personal details, you will be exposed by two things in pair (left versus right) at a time. You are requested to select one, with which you have the most wholesome or healthy feeling. In case you have difficult to understand this question, you can refer to one of the following re-expressions:


* Which of the two is more like your own self?

* Which of the two seems closer to representing you, your own self, in your totality?

* Which of the two is more deeply connected your eternal self, your aspiration, the core of you that exists inside?

* Which of the two is or seems more alive or more life?

* Which of the two makes you more aware of God, or makes feel closer to God?

* Which of the two would you prefer to become by the day of your death? (Assuming for a moment, that you believed in reincarnation, and that you were going to be reborn as one of these two things, then which one would you rather be in your next life?)


        The mirror of the self test,起源自Christopher Alexander之“ The Nature of Order”大師級作品。 研究測試目的乃為找到自然界美麗的客觀存在,以及由人類所創造出的建築物、畫作、設計、任何工藝品所存在的客觀美麗。 近期由Bin Jiang和Daniel Sui 發表的 “A New Kind of Beauty Out of Scaling of Geographic Space” (The Professional Geographer, 2013),延續此理論。 本測試僅供學術用途,我們誠摯地邀請您參與“ the mirror of yourself test ”,並懇請撥冗填答,感謝您的支持與協助。


        填完簡單個人基本資料,後續每一個測驗皆於左右兩側放置一組物體(圖片),您須在這兩者間,選擇何者讓您擁有最健康、有益的感覺。 若您難以理解此問題,您可參考以下針對此問題之六種不同表述方式:


* 兩物體,何者比較像你自己?

* 兩物體,何者較能貼近自己以代表自己,詮釋你的總體?

* 兩物體,何者較能與永恆的自我、你真正的願望以及內在的自我,有深刻的連結?

* 兩物體,何者較有生氣、較有生命力?

* 兩物體,何者能讓你感覺到或者更能接近造物者?

* 假設在你離開人世的那一刻,你想成為兩物體中的何者?(假設此刻你相信投胎轉世,你將於此兩物體間選擇轉世,你會選擇何者?)

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